McGonegal Consulting


Good copy should attract, inform and direct readers. It should entice and stimulate. It should produce results. That's why we oversee the strategy, conception and execution of both online and print copy for a range of clients.

Our content and consulting services include:

  • Consulting with clients to ensure core business objectives and messaging are communicated clearly and concisely, both on- and offline.
  • Developing print copy-including brochures, advertisements and direct marketing campaigns-that attract, inform, and direct readers.
  • Creating online initiatives that involve writing original copy and/or modifying preexisting material for optimal Web usability.
  • Conducting workshops designed to educate clients how to write and edit content for the Web, empowering clients to maintain Web site copy on an ongoing basis.
  • Designing information architecture and Web copy that communicates a client's core message in a manner that is logical, efficient and easy to navigate.
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